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myboysretro's Journal

graveyard boys
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1920's fashion, 1930's fashion, 1940's fashion, 1950's fashion, 1970's fashion, 1980's fashion, 80's movies, acting out, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, art, audrey hepburn, bad boys, bangs, being sexy, bell hooks, belts, bettie page, betty davis, billie holiday, birth control, black eyeliner, black rimmed glasses, bobby socks, bobs, body mod, boobs, boyfriends, boys, bras, bubble baths, bust magazine, cardigans, cat eye glasses, cellulite, checkered print, cherries, classic horror films, classic movies, condoms, converse all-stars, cunt, curvy girls, cyndi lauper, dancing, demonstrations, disco, distros, doing it, etta james, fat, feminism, fishnets, flappers, food, full figured women, garters, gay pride, gingham, girlfriends, gothabilly, greasers, growling, grrl bands, grrls, hairdos, headbands, james dean, jeans, jewelry, kissing, knee socks, lace, leather, leopard print, liberal arts, lingerie, lounge, make-up, marilyn monroe, mary janes, masturbating, menstruation, mental illness, mods, motorcycles, nail varnish, new wave, old school, old school tattoos, oral sex, paisley, panties, panty hose, periods, piercings, pin-up girls, plaid, polka dots, pomade, pompadours, pro-choice, protest, psychobilly, punk rock, purses, quirkiness, radical feminism, red lipstick, red nail polish, reggae, retro hollywood, riot grrl, rock n roll, rockabilly, rollerskates, saddle shoes, seams, second hand shops, sewing, sex, sexuality, shaving, short bangs, skipping, skirts, skull and crossbones, sock hops, swing, talking, tampons, tattoos, the color pink, the color red, thigh highs, thrift shopping, thrift stores, tights, underwear, vampires, vegas, vintage, vintage accessories, vintage cars, vintage clothes, vintage dresses, vinyl, wingtips, women studies, zines